Why you should be using Video for Employee Training!

You should be using video for employee training

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Companies and businesses are continuously competitive when it comes to hiring the appropriate people; therefore, having a solid training and development programme is critical.

Unfortunately, most businesses use training and development exclusively to acquire the best employees, although the two programmes are capable of much more. Once the proper people have been hired, you can utilise video for training and development, allowing your business to keep them.

Multiple reports, including one by Ninja Essays showed that video is an extremely powerful and effective way to spread educational and informative details about your business at a much lower cost than alternatives. Businesses should aim to create more training videos not only to inform but also to educate their staff and potential collaborators.

Companies like CSG with Cycling Prophet are excelling in this way, creating video training platforms to train staff from their own company as well as retailers who sell their products, giving value and information to employees to boost sales. Read on to learn the benefits of using video.

1. Video Simply Saves Money and Time

Instructor-based training is time-consuming and expensive, with most of the cost going towards travel and hiring space instead of on the actual training. This process is replicated, quarter on quarter or year on year. It becomes a frequent expense needed to keep your new staff trained as onboarding never ends.

However video training avoids most of this cost, you have an initial cost of a venue to record said training sessions, the video production company to film and edit the videos and then that is it. As new employees join your business, you simply provide them with pre-recorded videos, no need for them to travel anywhere, no need for a venue, just an online platform that will educate and inform them. Employees can watch the training video while sitting at their desks.

2. Video is Flexible 

Another benefit of using videos is that you can customise them the way you want. You can tailor them to grow with your company. The flexibility of videos allows you to constantly edit, adding segments that might be needed for your company years after the original video was made, adding captions to be more informative, and much more. You can recycle footage yet have what looks like a brand new video, many production companies offer a subscription service, where they will shoot the initial content and edit initial videos, and then for a monthly fee, they will consistently update the videos to match your companies progression at a much cheaper fee than getting new videos made completely. 

Video is for everyone.  According to AssignmentHelper.com.au who specialise in employee training, different people learn and absorb information differently. For example, there are people who can absorb information by listening and there are others who can only grasp valuable information by watching. Video accommodates all these people.

Also, video gives you options, there is a magnitude of styles and formats you can use to deliver the information to your employees. For instance, you can use animated videos, live-action using training presenters, dynamic product explainers, and more. All this is meant to convey information in a way that your employees find it engaging and interesting. You can use videos to:

  • Launch new products or services
  • Explain Health & Safety precautions
  • Showcase your stores/locations
  • Explain a new software or system
  • To Hire and onboard new employees

3. Videos Increase Engagement

Since its origin video has offered more engagement, created for entertainment purposes it has basically destroyed every other form of media. TV beat Radio, Films beat Books, and most recently Video Podcasts are destroying written blogs (like this one you are hopefully reading now). It is sad but it is a fact, video is just more stimulating and keeps its viewers engaged and wanting more.

Research from multiple companies has found that employees are incredibly more likely to watch a full video than to read emails or web articles. If you want your employees to learn while enjoying the process then you must make it engaging and interesting, and that’s exactly what videos can do. Videos attract attention and retain it more than documents and lectures.

What’s next?

Having known the benefits of using video in training and development, you are perhaps excited to start creating yours now.

Stop and think about these three things:

  • Choose a suitable style for your company
  • Decide what to focus on
  • Understand what makes a good training video.

You’re ready to go!

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