What is a Product Video? The Best Formats to Sell your Products!

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A product video is exactly what it sounds like, a promotional video with the sole intention of demonstrating how your product functions or looks. It’s critical that potential clients see what you have to offer in action! This clarifies the benefits and increases brand trust, which leads to increased sales.

A product video is a terrific approach to showcase products, whether it be to show off the amazing features or to attempt to visually show the taste, videos are a fascinating way to accomplish it. Product videos have been shown to work in multiple studies, one particular one by Internet Retailer found that consumers were 144% more likely to add to cart after watching product videos than other shoppers who hadn’t. So if you’re interested in funnelling your sales, then a product video could be the answer.

As we like to say ‘Every Business is Different, Your Content should be too’, you create and sell the product you make for a reason, you feel it is worth people buying and video is the best way to show why and to express your businesses style. 

Types of Product Videos

Product Videos can be in many formats, including animation, motion graphics and live-action videos. We believe live-action is the best way to showcase products as you allow potential consumers to actually see the true product, but every format can be beneficial depending on your specific brand and product.

No matter what format you choose, there are 3 main types of product videos that can be utilised.

Product Tutorial

Tutorials allow you to pull back the curtain on your product and illustrate how it’s used, highlight its features, and break down the fourth wall that may prevent your audience from genuinely interacting with it. How-to videos, feature videos, functionality breakdowns, and product comparison videos are among the videos available.

Peak Design do a fantastic job at this form of marketing, selling their products by breaking down everything you can do with them in how-to Youtube videos. Here is an example:

If your product is complex, or you want to show off its features in-depth, then this is the type of product video that you need.

Product Review

These videos help you create legitimacy and trust in your products by allowing others to test them themselves. Testimonials and third-party recommendations from media sites or professional reviewers, influencer videos, behind-the-scenes product videos, and brand ambassador videos are just a few examples.

This type of product video should definitely be something you push, if your product is truly worth it, then the cost of sending it to a few reviewers/influencers will always be worth the potential outcome of sales. Ideally, product reviews go alongside your promotional/tutorial videos, you want people to be able to come to these videos after watching a review video.

Product Promotions

Promotional videos come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have the same purpose: to raise awareness and excitement about your product or service. Unboxings, humorous skits and social media clips are all examples. Generally, the aim of a promotional product video is to show off the product, usually in the most exaggerated way possible without being misleading.

Here is an example of a Promotional Product Video that we created in a couple of hours, showing that with a plan and a vision any product can become mesmerizing.

If you have a product that you believe in and want to sell, then head to the contact page and get in contact.

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