What is the best Video Length for Social Media?

best video length for social media
A no nonsense approach to creating content that's the appropriate length, for the right platform.

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Find the best video length for Social Media.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to scroll through your social network of choice and not see video after video. So what is the best video length for social media?

Whether these are short adverts on Instagram Reels or full 10-minute promotions on Facebook, it is a surprise if you do not see multiple videos per scroll. Videos are appealing; they pull you in, much more than boring text or even photographs, the moving image, the sound, people want to stop scrolling and watch, intrigued.

Last year a study held by Adobe found that videos viewed to completion increased by 11% from April, this could be due to people having to stay at home due to Covid, but it could also only be a sign that people notice moving images. Videos are more critical for marketing than they have ever been before, so a video should be your first choice if you want to get your product or service out there.

We at Hypnostalgia thought we would give you a helping hand with reaching as many people as possible with your video marketing. Every social platform has a different algorithm that prefers different video lengths. Here is our guide for each platform we feel is worth posting to ensure you advertise effectively.

Best video length for Facebook

Hours with a live stream. Facebook themselves have said that if a video is up to 15 seconds long, users are highly likely to watch it to the end, so if you can quickly promote your product/service, this may be an option. However, if you need more time to explain the advantages and show every aspect of your business, multiple studies have shown that you want to aim between 2 to 5 minutes for higher engagement and reach. Suppose your video is appealing and produces well enough. In that case, viewers will stay watching, increasing your overall watch time, which tells Facebook that this is an excellent video to push to others. Just make sure you do not make the video boring by adding unnecessary shots and information to hit the 5-minute mark. If Facebook detects people leaving your video early, that will be detrimental to your post and tell Facebook your content is not worth sharing. You have to ensure the length and content is just right.

Best video length for Instagram

Instagram began and continues to be the platform for creativity, initially just pictures. However, videos are now becoming increasingly popular on Instagram. Although owned by Facebook, Instagram is an entirely different platform with completely different recommended video lengths. Specifically, IGTV allows content that is 60 minutes long. In contrast to the default feed, which allows content up to 60 seconds in length.

However, due to the platform initially being for pictures, most users keep that mindset while scrolling the app. There is a much shorter attention span than on Facebook and Youtube. 

study found that the ideal video length to grab and keep attention is 26 seconds; oddly specific, but keep that in mind. Even if your video is 60 seconds, ensure all is told before that 26-second mark. Give them a reason to click on your profile to see more.

Best video length for Twitter

Not be forgotten about. The recent virality of the Heinz/Weetabix advert shows how impactful twitter can be in making something viral. Twitter’s internal data tells us that tweets with videos had 10x more engagement than tweets without video, so don’t miss an opportunity here. Twitter allows for a max video length of 140 seconds; however, we have found this is far too long to grab people’s attention. People scroll through Twitter and appreciate short snappy sentences. So for the best chance to keep your viewer engaged, we recommend 15 seconds or less.

Best video length for Linkedin

Linkedin has become the platform for sharing jobs, discussing jobs, and, most importantly, advertising jobs. Video is becoming a key element in getting people and their businesses out there. Users show off their business, show off their offices, show off their knowledge, all in video form to keep engagement high.

Linkedin allows for videos up to 10 minutes; however, the platform themselves have suggested keeping your videos under 30 seconds allows for a 200% uplift in audiences completing your video. So if you can, try to tell your full story and get your message out there within 30 seconds. If you can’t, make sure all of the necessary information and call to action is included within the first 30 seconds before people tend to click off.

Best video length for YouTube

Finally, there is YouTube, the go-to social network for videos, and it has dominated all video platforms for over a decade now, so it is a platform you should be looking to advertise on. YouTube allows for videos up to 12 hours, far above all the other networks I have mentioned; however, it doesn’t mean you should be posting anything close to that to ensure the highest reach. Currently, most YouTubers agree that the algorithm suits videos between 8-15 minutes. Most say that they find the most engagement and views at around 12 minutes, so this is something you should be trying to achieve to reach the most potential customers.

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