5 Essential tips for video marketing success

Everyone else is doing this. You should be too.

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1. It’s a story, not a sales pitch, Rodney!

The video content you produce should concentrate on the story and not just a blatant ad looking for a fast sale. As for most of your written marketing material such as blogs, articles and e-books, instead of selling them, the main emphasis needs to be on the value and information you offer to the user. When in story form, people become more emotionally invested in an idea, emotions are critical prompts for consumers to purchase. Focus your pre-production around good storytelling while preparing your videos. Developing a video marketing strategy is something we can assist with at Hynostalgia, after all. The more successful your video marketing is. The more content we can develop for you. It's only a win-win.

2. You’re going to need subtitles

Multiple surveys and studies recognise that more than 80% of smartphone users watch a video without turning on their volume, which means telling the story without sound should be a key consideration when creating video content. A common way to communicate messages without sound is to use subtitles and captioning, and it is often more accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Also, remembering not to use your soundtrack to express too much of the message, show rather than say, and make your videos eye-catching and engaging, can be crucial to note.

3. You have 10 seconds to save the world

Various psychological studies have suggested that if viewers are not engaged, the average person's attention span will vary from 5-10 seconds before moving on to something different. Therefore, it is essential to use this opportunity window to draw your potential customers before they get bored, turn off, or scroll on. It is vital to attract viewers at the beginning of your video, making it impactful, visually appealing, and poignant from the outset. To generate an immediate curiosity in consumers' minds, you might start with a question, or a bold declaration (think clickbait titles). It is also useful to draw people to appealing colours, humour and suspense - think about the message you are trying to communicate to help determine. 

4. Capture attention, then hit them with a call to action.

When you have their attention, it is crucial to direct your audience to the actions or steps that you want them to take to maintain a relationship with your brand, often known as a Call to Action. Some famous video CTAs may be: subscribe to our channel, follow our website, share with your friends, comment or watch other related content like the video. Make sure that these are simple, but subtle and concise, emphasising the precious content you have produced for the audience.

5. Give your video a good shot at getting noticed

Now that your stunning video is ready to publish. To optimise your video's SEO value, before uploading it to any other sharing sites, you can upload it to your own. Lead search engine users to your business.  You will also see several choices for adding a summary, tags and other keywords when uploading your video to sharing sites. Adding a list of appropriate titles, keywords, and a thorough description allows Google to understand what your video is about and better sort it into the right categories, making it easier to find in search results. 
Use these tips to perfect your next video marketing project, or get in touch with our team to learn more today, if you want to add a professional touch to your next marketing plan!

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